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Happiness as a marketing tool

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Smart rostering will help you use happiness as a marketing tool

Keeping your staff happy is not only a moral responsibility, but also a business opportunity.

Would you return to a place where you’d previously encountered grumpy, rude or unhelpful staff?  Probably not.  And if you’d had a truly unpleasant service experience, you may even feel compelled to write a bad review about it online.  The thing with online reviews is that most people take the time to write one if a) they had an exceptionally awesome experience OR b) they had an exceptionally awful experience.  Satisfactory service generally goes unreported.

So you can see why keeping staff in high spirits is essential to ensuring people not only return to your establishment, but promote it to friends, family and the online community.

Get your rostering balance right to increase staff satisfaction. Although you can’t protect your staff from everything that could affect their happiness, you can control some aspects of their work life.  Use your rostering system to ensure that staff are getting enough hours to satisfy their income needs but not so many hours that it’s affecting their stress or sleep levels.

Obtaining this balance for all staff members is difficult but necessary to influencing staff’s happiness and therefore your patron’s service satisfaction.

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