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Introducing goRoster for iPad (and tablet!)

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Introducing goRoster for iPad (and tablet!)

I suppose that title was a bit biased wasn’t it – shoving poor tablets into a pair of brackets at the end.

They weren’t an afterthought. I promise. iPad usage amongst goRoster clients is considerably higher than that of tablets, but don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten you lovely tablet users. goRoster is now compatible with both the iPad range, as well as on most tablets.

We understand that older style laptops are now considered clunky and heavy. If you’re like us – you’ve downsized to a more mobile and portable device. You will have noticed that most service based technologies have been adapted to now be compatible with iPad and tablets. And we’ve decided to follow suit! This is to ensure that we can provide you with what you need, whenever and wherever you may need it. All the typical goRoster features you experience on your desktop or laptop – you can now have on your smaller devices.

We understand that the way you do business is changing, and we understand that you’re pushed for time.

So now you can take your rosters with you everywhere! Because, if you’re like us – you love your rosters.

If you’re after any information on the latest updates made to the brand new roster designer, check out this blog post.



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