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The Crab Shack and goRoster Share A Common Love For Cost Control

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The Crab Shack and goRoster share a common love for cost control

The Crab Shack is a popular coastal themed restaurant that opened in Wellington in May 2013, and on the 28th of January of this year, they opened the doors to their Auckland restaurant overlooking the city waterfront. Offering a casual dining experience with an emphasis on crab and other seafood delicacies, the Crab Shack caters to all tastes, and their menu includes dishes “From the Earth”, “From the Charcoal Barrel” and “By the Scoop”. Their meals are tasty and affordable, and the atmosphere at the Crab Shack is cheerful and laid back.

With 40 staff members to manage, Scott Ruddock, General Manager of the Crab Shack has a big job keeping track of everyone.  We caught up with Scott to see how things were going.  Scott says that he would be lost without goRoster and is very grateful for the quality software and service which makes his life a whole lot easier.


“goRoster makes it so easy to manage the rostering system which can get incredibly complicated with as many as 40 staff members. It arms us with the ability to keep track of individual staff costs and it makes communication with employees a breeze. goRoster makes a potentially stressful rostering situation run smoothly and efficiently” Scott Ruddock, General Manager – The Crab Shack.

Scott went on to talk about the particular features he likes, one of which is the ability it gives him to quickly and easily review past weeks, and that in turn allows him to more accurately project staffing requirements for future weeks. He also finds the staff tracking system particularly useful, because it helps him to balance out wage costs and see which areas need restructuring. But his all time favourite feature, is the built in communications system, which enables him send rosters, messages and receive replies quickly and efficiently.

“I love goRoster – the detailed financials, the cost tracking and the improvement in employee communication has really made things tick over at the Crab Shack” Scott Ruddock, General Manager – The Crab Shack.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you with your cost control, sign up for a 14 day free trial here and take the next step towards better employee scheduling.


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