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A New Kind Of Fusion

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Tequila Mockingbird and goRoster - A new kind of fusion

Tequila Mockingbird ‘is a fresh, contemporary Latin fusion bar and restaurant that blends cuisine from the Caribbean and South America’ and is located in the heart of Christchurch. Running a busy bar and restaurant with adjoining Revival Garden Bar, offering late night dining and entertainment, the management team needed a rostering system that allowed them to better manage staff rosters and staff costs across all aspects of their business.

Despite only having implemented goRoster about three months ago, the Tequila Mockingbird team have already identified some key benefits. With goRoster they have more control of over their spending, it has simplified the typically frustrating and time consuming task of rostering and it allows them to better handle staff and costs on a day to day basis. No more surprises at the end of the week.

A Latin fusion bar specialising in Cuban and South American inspired food and beverage

“Counting your chickens before they hatch” is an idiom that’s thrown around a lot in day to day conversation. Little do people realise its relevance to business strategy. In a nutshell, it means to ‘plan how you’re going to utilize the good results of something, before those results have actually occurred.’

It has taken a little time to learn the most efficient way of using the system but it has already put Operations Manager, Celia Anderson’s mind at ease.

“goRoster has helped me to know how to better utilise staff. We’ve got an average of around 17 staff to manage, so it gives me the ability to easily move staff around within the bar and restaurant to make best use of their time and skills”.

Tequila Mockingbird have also been impressed with the support they have received from the goRoster team. If they have an issue or even just a question, Celia  picks  up the phone and straight away it’s sorted.

Even the staff love goRoster – they have their roster on their email or phone and can refer back to it with ease – it’s clear and straightforward. From a  management point of view, goRoster has placed some of the responsibility and ownership of rosters back onto the staff. The onus is on them to confirm their  roster once it has been received.

And the best perk according to Celia? ‘The App side of things.’ “We can use it on the go and know that all our bases are covered”. The Tequila Mockingbird team look forward to implementing more of the goRoster functions to help better manage and streamline their business operations.

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