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goRoster an ‘amazing tool’

Updated: Feb 23, 2022


goRoster has transformed the way a string of Auckland bars and restaurants do their rosters, accounts and payroll.

Sumita Toora, Accounts Manager for Pondarosa Group, Nevada Entertainment and Takashi Ponsonby, looks after the accounts and payroll of three restaurants and two bars, with a total of about 150 employees.

The companies started using goRoster nearly two years ago and haven’t looked back.

“It’s an amazing tool. I just love it,” Sumita says. “It gives us the strength to see where we are going right or wrong. It’s easier for our managers to track their weekly wage costs, even by day, and then adjust it during the week if they need to.”

Two of the restaurants and a bar are in the Britomart precinct, another restaurant is in Ponsonby and the other bar is in Karangahape Road.

The bar and restaurant managers use goRoster for their staff rosters, while Sumita uses it at the end of each week to run a weekly report and export the data to the payroll system, ACE.

Before goRoster, Sumita was finding that managers would say that their own projections, calculated in a spreadsheet, were not matching with the weekly accounting reports. “We had no way of checking why that was.”

Now, with goRoster, the team can look back at each week to monitor trends, for example during public holiday weekends. Sumita has also saved time by not having to manually add data to ACE – she just exports the information from goRoster.

“Our analysis is definitely stronger now,” she says.


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