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goRoster helps track costs for Commodore Hotel

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Commodore Hotel

After six months, restaurant staff at Christchurch’s Commodore Hotel have already seen the benefits of switching to goRoster.

Marc Wojtas, Food and Beverage Service Manager, says the company replaced Excel spreadsheets with goRoster to manage its 30-plus restaurant staff.

“What appealed to me about goRoster was the financial side of things,” he says.

At the start of every week, Marc enters into goRoster the forecasted revenue for morning and afternoon periods. The rosters, which are done two weeks in advance, are then added to see how the predicted revenue compares to staffing costs. Twice a day, supervisors update the information.

This has been goRoster’s biggest advantage for the Commodore Hotel, Marc says.

“Being able to analyse our financial data on a daily basis and forecast staffing costs has been really useful. Our supervisors are now more aware of costs and demand for every shift and can set up their roster to accommodate that.”

Being able to communicate their rosters clearly via email or text message has meant that staff are more likely to turn up “on the right day and at the right time”, Marc says.

goRoster has also been great for contacting staff if a shift needs to be filled at short notice.

Marc says the software is also user friendly. He uses it, along with his duty manager and supervisors.

“It’s a great way to keep your finger on the pulse.”



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