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The Food Truck Garage and goRoster

Updated: Feb 25, 2022


The Food Truck first hit the road in 2011 with an award-winning NZ TV series that showed viewers how to turn unhealthy junk food into wholesome, good food. The series was an instant hit, and over 700,000 Kiwis of all ages tuned in each week to see how the Food Truck would transform popular fast foods from something with very little nutritional value, into something healthy and delicious. Twenty nine episodes of the show were made, it won 3 awards – and from it came 2 cookbooks, DVDS, an American TV series and world-wide sales. Although the show highlighted New Zealand’s obesity problem, it didn’t do much to solve it. So the Food Truck decided to take things a step further, and in 2013 they set up The Food Truck Garage – a permanent eatery and a mobile eatery truck that serves the tastiest and healthiest burgers in Auckland. Kiwis loved the idea – and 2 years later, The Food Truck Garage boasts over 15,000 regular customers.


When Conrad Strachan took over as Operations Manager at The Food Truck Garage 7 months ago, one of his first suggestions was that they use goRoster. Conrad had worked with goRoster in his previous employment, and he knew the value of using it as a highly effective staff management tool. Within 7 months goRoster had saved The Food Truck Garage as much as $10,000 in staff costs.

When we first started using goRoster, the tracking software quickly identified that we had a problem with over-rostering. Using goRoster, we were able to track staff costs and completely restructure the rostering system. As a result of that, we reduced staff costs from 35% to 31% – which meant that we were saving $200 a week. In the 7 months we have been using goRoster, we have saved as much as $10,000 in employee related costs.” Conrad Strachan – Operations Manager, The Food Truck Garage.

One of the goRoster features that Conrad finds particularly useful, is the “Business Unit” feature, which allows him to create separate units for each of the different staffing areas. He can then track the costs and staffing efficiency of each separate unit – be it kitchen staff, waiting staff, mobile catering staff or front of house.


It’s awesome to be able to separate the different staffing areas into their own trackable units – it improves staff communication, adds more accountability, maximises staff rostering efficiency, and helps to cut costs. The catering industry can be unpredictable in terms of numbers, and instead of playing the “estimate game” – goRoster gives us a clear picture of which areas need reorganising for better efficiency at less cost.” Conrad Strachan – Operations Manager, The Food Truck Garage.

Conrad also loves how easy goRoster is to use, and the fact that you can login anywhere, anytime and on all mobile devices – without having to download any third-party software.

With growing interest in the idea of healthy “fast food”, The Food Truck Garage is fast gaining popularity, and Conrad feels confident that goRoster will grow with the business and continue to help them streamline staffing efficiency and save on staffing costs.



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