Save time and money with goRoster

Communicating with staff, maintaining rosters and staying within budget has long been a juggling act for businesses. Using goRoster you can create a more efficient business and quickly cut costs and overheads associated with rostering and communicating with employees.

Multiple site support

If your business has multiple branches or entities then goRoster can save you even more money. Create your site structure and add a management user to each site and let your managers take advantage of goRoster’s features.

  • Supports multiple sites, each site has its own roster & financial data
  • Restrict site access at user level
  • Easily switch between sites

Communicate quickly and easily

Stop manual phone calling and emailing and save huge amounts of time by using goRoster’s communication features to notify employees their rosters. Even send a general message to all site employees or create a group of employees to send to. goRoster’s tools are the cheapest and easiest way keep in touch with your employees.

  • Send via SMS, email, or both
  • Automatically apply roster queries or confirmations
  • View employee message history
  • Directly message an individual employee

Track and keep control of your costs

Seeing costs as the roster is built identifies blow outs before they happen. Set site and business unit cost targets and get visual feedback if they are exceeded.

  • Live costing and hours rostered
  • Site & business unit cost targetting

Monitor your financials

Easily view financial reports and breakdowns by business unit. goRoster supports multiple revenue sources to help proportion revenue across business units for fine grained reporting.

  • Record projected & actual turnover
  • Summary & business unit breakdown views
  • Proportion revenue to one or more business units

Printable rosters and timesheets

For those employees without email or a mobile phone give them a printed copy instead. Even filter by business unit and give one copy to your Kitchen and the other to your Bar.

  • Print rosters in 3 different formats
  • Filter by business unit
  • Print a timesheet for employees to hand in at the days end
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